Exemption clause
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As a result of force majeure or other causes beyond the control site sells a system crash or not normal use, resulting in online transactions can not be completed or missing information, related to the recording, the website will not undertake the responsibility. But we will do reasonably possible tohelp deal with the aftermath, and to enable customers to reduce thepossible economic losses.

This shop can be requested by the buyer's agent related transport procedures, but our duty is limited to deliver the goods on time, meet logistics (postal) an accident to assist the buyer inquiries, do not assume any logistics (postal) to provide compensation to customers outside, all inquires according to claim all logistics (postal) regulations. In the logistics(postal) before the whole query term is not full, the buyer may not claim compensation. Remind the buyer must verify good receiving detailedaddress and consignee telephone, so as not to delay the delivery. Where shopping, are considered as the meaning of this statement.

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