William Fox

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 To make it more successful, William Fox&Sons has launched a series of products integrating British gentleman style and American practical characteristics, opening a new chapter in the design and manufacture of modern sportswear.

William Fox & son was founded in London in 1913, specializing in men's customized clothing and sporting goods. The establishment of the brand can be traced back to 1895, when Mr. William fox opened a clothing store on Carl fox Avenue in Maine. William and his three sons work together in the store, trying to provide high-end clothing and sporting goods for people who love sports such as football, hunting, yachting and rock climbing.

William Fox

William Fox

In the late 1950s, an unparalleled technology hit the British gentleman's clothing industry. Fox family soon followed the pace of the world clothing revolution. After returning to England in 1913, they set up a branch in London to learn and master the skills of British gentlemen, such as tailoring and knitting. The Fox family uses stores in London as the launch center of new products, and William Fox and son are recognized by the public as a brand.

The new generation of William Fox & Sons strictly follows the traditional brand spirit, comfortable, protective, traditional and practical, adopts high standard production process, high-quality materials, and pays attention to practicality and durability in product design. At the same time, the brand is committed to providing innovative design for people, focusing on practicality and pursuing fashion. The ultimate goal of the brand is to create fashionable and classic clothing and sporting goods in the 21st century.

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